Club Athletics

As Providence’s premier private club, we take pride in our club amenities and put an emphasis on the health and wellbeing of our members. Our members have access to distinguished squash facilities, athletic facilities, and engaging wellness programming.


UClub has two regulation courts with unlimited access. Whether you’re novice or advanced, there are engagement opportunities for players at every level.

Our squash community is a close-knit group of athletes led by Vijay Chitniss, who oversees scheduling, clinics, private lessons, and tournaments.

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Athletic Facilities

Our members' health and wellness goals are our top priority. Therefore, we provide our athletic members 24/7 access to our exercise rooms, locker rooms, squash courts, and sauna.

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Health & Wellness Programming

At UClub, we know our members are dynamic community leaders balancing active families, careers, social engagements, philanthropy, wellness, education, and hobbies. The University Club provides our members with opportunities to engage with their friends, family, and new connections through creative programming focused on health, wellness, and balance.