Membership Information

From professionals to families to legacy members, The University Club provides a common ground for those who lead, inspire, and innovate to connect. Membership consists of a primary member and spouse/domestic partner.

Types Of Membership


Members who live or work in Rhode Island or within 30 miles of the Clubhouse.


Members who live and work beyond 30 miles of the Clubhouse.


Membership tier for those whose Primary occupation and source of income is employment by a college or university.

Under 40

Members under 40 receive reduced dues.


Additional fees provide 24/7 access to courts & locker rooms, clinics and leagues.


Exercise - Additional fees for 24/7 access to exercise facilities and locker rooms.

Admission Process

  • Step 1

    Current member (sponsor) requests an application for new candidates which is presented to the Membership Committee for approval.

  • Step 2

    Upon approval from the Membership Committee Chair, candidates receive an application, FAQ document, fee schedule, and resources defining the membership process.

  • Step 3

    Upon receipt of Membership Application, it is posted for vetting in the Clubhouse for 30 days.

  • Step 4

    At the conclusion of the vetting process, the Board of Directors votes to accept new candidates, and the admissions process is complete!

Club Policies