Club History

Providing members new connections, wellness opportunities, social activities, exclusive reciprocals, and rich cultural experiences since 1899.

Our story begins in 1899 amid the bustling, cobblestone streets rising from the east bank of the Providence River—where students and faculty from the area’s top universities gathered to socialize and share ideas across diverse academic fields, including the arts, engineering, business, and medicine.

Founded by Professor Edmund Burke Delabarre and Registrar Frederick T. Guild of Brown University, the UClub began as a members-only association for those of marked academic and professional achievement.

Throughout its history, the Club has carefully built and maintained a reputation as a bastion of discerning taste in fine dining, strong drink, and good company; offering a world-class culinary experience and a renowned collection of fine wine and spirits, as well as creative programming and state of the art athletic and recreational facilities.

The original clubhouse still remains, over 120 years later, and while it has undergone several renovations and updates in the intervening years, it still retains the old-world warmth and charm that has soaked, into the grain of the hardwood as much as the memories of the many members across generations who have called this place home.